Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekday Routine

Today not in a mood to do or write about my cooking adventures. So, thought of writing something else. My sweet home here in US and how I pass time here.

As mentioned in the other post, my day starts around 8.30 am. Get fresh in 15 minutes and enter my workstation. Be ready with the breakfast and the lunch box in another 30 minutes. My hubby leaves to office by 9.30 am. Then.. am in my own world… Me and vonage for the next 1 or 2 hours; now getting extended to 3 hours after the DST is ON J.  Gets ready for the gym…. I would be the only person to be in the gym when the sun is right above our headJ. Stating, being lonely as the reason (though it’s the laziness),  I just do a workout of 20 minutes maximum. I know that this doesn’t help to put down, still gives me a satisfaction that I went there…he..he …

Again getting back to my workstation after bath, I spend the first half an hour to decide on what to cook. Then get ready with my dinner items, next day’s lunch box special and the side dish for the breakfast.

Once done, its entertainment time. Ohh.. I didn’t mention about my friends here. I have two mallu friends in the apartment complex. One of them stays just opposite to our apartment and the other just above. Entertainment time is either movie time or the 3 idiots meeting time. The meeting agenda of course is the different varieties of dishes each of us had tried and sharing them so that others tests out for their better half’s taste buds. We never miss out the opportunity to criticize our better halves.

We disperse when one of our hubby is back, usually that would be my dear who comes early. After T, we spend our time with some movie or TV with programs like in NatGeo, Bizzare Foods on Travel channel, House Hunt etc or with my hubby’s favorite PS3 until dinner. It’s again work time for my darling after the dinner, waiting for the offshore project mates…. We would see our clock striking 12 midnight, 1 am , 2 am……………………

When I started my house-wife role, I thought I would get bored with the same routine; but actually I ve kind a started loving this. I ve learned to be more lazy J  Achievement??? Ohh Nooo…  Hopefully, I ll get out of this lazy life very soon and do something more creative and valuable … 


  1. Hey u started blogging good.. :) keeo writing though.. dont stop..:)

  2. There are some awards waiting for you at my space,dear!! Please come and collect them :-)