Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishing You All Merry Christmas with a glass of wine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grape Wine 5
Black Seedless grapes  --   ½ kg
Sugar                                  --   5 cup sugar
Egg White                         --   ½ of a large egg
Yeast                                  --   1 tsp
Wheat kernels                --   ¾ cup
Water                                 --   6 - 8 cups
Cloves                                --   3 - 4
Cinnamon                        --   1 small stick
Cardamom                      --   1 - 2
Grape Wine 2
Preparation of Wine:
Boil the water in a clean vessel. Let it cool completely.
In another cup of luke warm water,add yeast and set it aside for 15 -  20 min.
Clean and dry the grapes. Crush the grapes well. I used a mortar,but your hands should also do a wonderful job.Make sure it is clean.

Grape Wine 3

Take a clean dry jar, preferably a dark colour one with a tight lid. The jar should have the capacity to fill in double the quantity of the above ingredients.
Now add the crushed grapes,sugar, wheat kernels, spices, yeast, beaten egg white and water. Cover the mouth of the jar with a clean cloth and tie tightly. Close with the tight lid.

Grape Wine 1

Keep this in a dark corner for 21 days. I was using a glass jar and hence covered it with foil paper to make it dark. Stir this with a clean and dry wooden spoon every day.
On the 21st day, strain the mix with a muslin cloth / cheese cloth into a clean and dry glass jar. Keep this for minimum of 21 days, removing the sediments every 3 - 4 days until you get a clear water. Use dark colour jars/ bottles to store the wine to preserve its colour.
Grape Wine 4

Recipe Courtesy: Vanitha magazine

Monday, December 19, 2011


Unniappam 9
Rice Flour             --   1 cup
Ripe bananas      --   2 small ones/cherupazham - If using yellow robesta, use 1 ripe banana.
Jaggery                 --   250 gm
Maida / APF        --   2 tbsp
Baking Powder     --   ¼ tsp
Sesame seeds      --  1 tbsp
Coconut bits        --  1 tbsp (I used cashew nuts in bite size)
Ghee                        --  2 tbsp
Oil                            --  As required for deep frying - preferably coconut oil or ghee

Unniappam 1
Preparation of unniappams:
Melt jaggery with ¼ cup of water. Strain to remove any impurities and keep aside.Let it cool to a slight warm temperature.
Meanwhile mash the bananas and keep aside.
Heat 1 tbsp of ghee in a pan and fry the coconut pieces/nuts until slight brown. Add the sesame seeds and switch off the flame. Sesame seeds gets fried in the hot pan. Keep it aside.
Unniappam 3     Unniappam 2
Add the flours and baking soda to the warm jaggery syrup and mix well without any lumps. Hand works better here in place of ladles and spoons.Add the mashed banana and mix well. Add the remaining 1 tbsp of ghee and the fried coconut/nuts and the sesame seeds.
The batter should be in the consistency of dosa batter or condensed milk. You should be able to continuously pour it without breaking the line.
Add water / milk to adjust the batter to reach the above consistency. It is always better to add water / milk little by little to make sure you do not over do.
Keep it aside for 1 hour (optional). This helps to make the appams softer.
Place the unniappam pan on the stove and pour coconut oil into each rounds until they are half full. Heat the oil on a high flame and then reduce it to medium before you pour the batter.
Unniappam 4     Unniappam 5
Pour batter in a round until it is ¾ full. Remember, the batter should flow into one round without any breaks in between. Take a break and go to the next round.
Let it cook on one side and once the appams are firm turn around with the a metal/wooden skewer to cook the other side to a golden colour. Once it gets browned on both the sides remove it from the pan using a fork / skewer / spoon.
Unniappam 6   Unniappam 7
Here comes my moms trick to drain the oil. Keep a steel plate in a slanting position and place the appams on the higher part when removed from the pan. You can see oil flowing down. Once they are cool, transfer it on to a kitched towel to drain completely.  When preparing in large junks, my mom reuses the oil flowing down the unniappams.
Unniappam 8
Pour oil in the rounds whenever you feel necessary.
Unniappam 10

Snack anytime - be it breakfast or evening tea or let it be a dessert after a great lunch / dinner :). It stays good for 2 - 3 days @ room temperature and for a week or more in the refrigerator. If you store in the refrigerator, heat in a microwave for few seconds before you serve to get the soft unniappams.
Unniappam 11

Recipe Courtesy: Amma