Sunday, March 27, 2011

Caramel Custard Pudding

How did I be so irresponsible?? I forgot my dear blog’s bday… L How did I miss to celebrate it??  Not able to accept this myself…. Am I really getting that busy to forget the events at my own space??
Okies.. let me put things in another way… My mom did forget my birthday once and so did everyone at home…  And then my mom & grandmother told me that “Its good to forget birthdays… That shows prosperity to the birthday girl…”. Now let me believe in their words and hope to have more prosperity around here JJJJJ 
Here goes some sweet for the late celebration... Caramel Custard / Crème Brule / Flan , whatever you call it, I see that it is almost the same ingredients and taste. This is/was something my mom prepares very often, whenever there is some extra milk at home. Easy to prepare and yummy too..
Caramel Custard 1
          Milk                                  --   4 cups
         Eggs                                   --   6
         Sugar                                --   ¾ - 1 cup (As to taste)
         Sugar to Caramelize   --   4 tbsp
        Vanilla Essence             --   ½ tsp
            Milk                                  --   2 cups
         Egg                                    --   4
         Condensed Milk           --   1 tin
         Sugar to Caramelize   --   4 tbsp
        Vanilla Essence             --   ½ tsp
Serves  8 – 10 people.
Preparation of caramel custard pudding:
Beat the eggs well until it is smooth. Heat milk with ¾ cup sugar and let it cool. Mix the egg and vanilla essence to the milk mixture.
If using condensed milk, thoroughly mix the condensed milk with eggs and add them to boiled and cooled milk.
Either way make sure that the milk is completely cool, else the eggs will get scrambled.
Caramel Custard 3
Mix the left over sugar with water and heat in a pan until it turns brown. Pour the caramel in the dessert tray or ramekins and let it cool. Pour the pudding mix on to the caramel.
Caramel Custard 5    Caramel Custard 6
Double boil the mixture on low flame for 20 min, if you have a pressure cooker or a double boiler. This is how my mom does it. Here since I do not have a double boiler or a perfect to dish to use my pressure cooker for double boiling, I do it in the oven.
Prepare a hot water bath. i.e. pour boiling water into a large oven safe tray. Let it be 1/3 rd full. Place the ramekins/dessert tray in the water bath. Bake it for 30 – 40 min @ 350 F or until a skewer comes out clean.
Caramel Custard 7
Let it cool to room temperature. Cover it with a foil/plastic wrap and refrigerate until they are chill.
Use a knife to separate the pudding from the sides of the tray and turn it upside down into your serving dish.
Caramel Custard 2