Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A visit to the dentist

Visiting the dentist... It's a nightmare for almost everyone. They'll "softly" inspect our tooth and gums with the variety of instruments they have. Not sure if they are taught to forget the sharpness of the instrumentJ. We would take care of our teeth when we think about the pain that follows. We’ll definitely think about the cost too, especially in US. But even after taking care, I had to visit the dentist here. Hereditary... We can't get rid of things which our parents or grandparents pass through the genes.

I started feeling sensitivity on my teeth while brushing; it was slightly painful and was bleeding too. So decided to take an appointment for the yearly free check up; but got one for a day three weeks later. I was really surprised... why so long?? Then my hubby explained to me. Here, in US, any treatment is either urgent (we have urgent cares) or late (taking an appointment). Since mine was not that urgent, as the pain was tolerable for three weeks, we chose the second one.

On the day of the appointment, we went to the clinic on time. The receptionist gave me some forms to fill in - my bio data and their declarations and disclaimers. I was a bit tensed reading through the declarations I am gonna accept, it was something like any treatment can or cannot be successful...  But thinking logically they were fine. Not all treatment would be success on everyone, however good and efficient the doctor is. And the doctor would not want any one to sue her.

Once I was ready with the forms, a nurse came and took me inside. She started taking photographs of my teeth. yeah.. X-rays of course. I was again surprised. Back in India the doctor would prescribe an x-ray only if there was some serious injury on that tooth. So I asked her, why she was doing that even before the doctor examined me. She explained me that the doctor would look at the pictures first and then into our mouth. Any internal damage to our tooth will not be visible through naked eyes. Yeah.. she was right.. though this would cost more, this is the right way.

Once the nurse took the pics of all my teeth, the doctor came in. She was so cute. No wonder guys visit the clinic happily J J  She showed me the pics. It looked like a number of octopus kids standing for an assembly.... But they were actually my teeth with the roots. Then she explained me about each tooth. Other than the one which pained, there were two other teeth with some damage. She asked me if I wanted her to treat that as well. Believe me.. When you see the zoomed pics of the cavities inside, you would never say a NO. Finally she prescribed 3 cavity fillings and a deep cleaning. She asked me to take 2 appointments. On the first day, they would clean one side, ie either left or right, and also do the fillings on that side. The other side another day. Hearing that I was again like why 2 days??? Why not finish in one day?? That's how doctors do in India. Though I had that in mind, I did not ask it loud. But I got the answer on the next day of appointment.

After a long confusion with my medical insurance, I got my next appointment. I reached there an hour earlier ie by 9 am. Of course it was too early for me and I had to limit my breakfast to a cup of milk. A nurse took me in and gave anesthesia on every tooth on the right side. Within minutes, I was totally numb on that side. The doctor came in and started with their work. The nurse inserted a mouth cushion in my mouth so that I would not close my mouth until they are done. I could see the doctor and the nurse inserting a number of instruments into my mouth, but couldn't feel anything. They finished their work in the next 90 minutes and rinsed my mouth with an antiseptic mouth washing gel. That tasted so bitter that I wanted to rinse my mouth with water. I was not allowed to spit or rinse. They had a machine sucking all the water from my mouth. I had to strain a lot to speak out, but still I kept on talking on my way back home. I somehow wanted to get rid of the bitter taste from my mouth. As soon as I reached home, I went to the washroom to rinse my mouth...it was like a leaking tap.. water oozing out through the right side of my mouth. My right side was still numb and I had no control of that side. I then realized that I was not able drink water or eat anything. What would I do?? I was hungry too.. L Some how managed to drink half a glass of juice. And I spilt the other half..  Helpless... I went to sleep.. It took around another 4 -5 hours for me to get rid of the numbness. I thought I was happy. But when the numbness left, pain came in. Oh my god... the former was better. So much pain for one side. How would it feel if it was for both the sides together. I got the answer for the question...

The other side is waiting for the next appointment.... One more day of half numbness. At least will remember and find time to have a proper breakfast next timeJ J

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