Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Should I start this?? What to start with?? How to start??

Everyone who is working (especially the likes of me from IT industry) would always long for a vacation. But trust me it’s too tough to stay at home, since we are used to offices. After 5 years in IT industry and recently married, am now playing the role of a house wife. Thanks to visa restriction in US, I can’t work L

I thought of utilizing this time to brush up my interests in cooking and crafting. Being a temporary resident in US, I don’t do much of crafting. I might not be able to carry the stuffs back home. But cooking has become my passion. Of course I shouldn't forget to thank Vonage and my husband's generosity to get me a connection, with the help of which I get all the recipes from my mother & mother-in-law.

I note down each recipe in a document whenever I try it, as I could refer that the next time.  My hubby got to see that one day and he persuaded me to jot down those in a blog. I don’t think I would limit my blog with recipes. So after a great confusion in providing a name, here it is.... "Amateur perceptions".

The recipes are from my day-to-day menu. My hubby prefers more of variety than having the same dish served multiple times. This makes me try differently, of course concentrating more on non-veg items. I plan to post all the recipes which I have tried out. I do not have the pics for few of them as I had tried them before getting the idea of blogging. I shall upload the pics when I try them next time.

I find this interesting at this point, but not sure how long I would stick on this…. May be until I find out something more interesting.

Neways.. here comes my first post.... wishing myself 'All the very best' to continue blogging.... And hope all my friends wish me the same :) :)


  1. Hmm....interesting!!Keep blogging:)

  2. Nice... I too have the same story behind....:) Keep blogging..:) Glad to follow you...