Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Prawns in Coconut Gravy

Prawns in Coconut Gravy 9
        Prawns                                 --   ½ kg
       Drumsticks                          --    2 – 3 pieces ( Optional )
       Finely chopped onions   --   ½ cup
       Green chillies                      --   2 – 3
       Tomato                                  --   1 medium size
       Garlic                                      --   1 big clove
       Ginger                                     --   1 small piece
       Tamarind                              --    A small ball (walnut size) 
       Turmeric Powder              --   ¼ tsp
       Chilly Powder                     --   1 tbsp
       Coconut milk                       --   1 cup
       Mustard Seeds                    --   1 tsp
       Curry Leaves                       --   1 spring
       Oil                                             --   2 tbsp
       Salt                                           --   to taste
Preparation of Prawns Curry:
         Soak the tamarind ball in water.  Clean the prawns and keep it aside.
         Prawns in Coconut Gravy 1 
         Heat oil in a pan. Splutter the mustard seeds. Add the onions, tomato, green chillies, garlic and ginger. Fry until the onions and tomatoes are smashed. Add the turmeric powder, chilly powder and salt.
       Prawns in Coconut Gravy 2   Prawns in Coconut Gravy 3
         Squeeze the tamarind and pour the juice into the pan. Once it starts boiling, add  prawns and the drumstick pieces.
        Prawns in Coconut Gravy 4    Prawns in Coconut Gravy 5
        Add the coconut milk when the prawns are half cooked.
       Prawns in Coconut Gravy 6   Prawns in Coconut Gravy 7
       Let the prawns get completed cooked. Garnish with curry leaves.
         Prawns in Coconut Gravy 8
       Serve hot with rice / dosa / kappa puzhukku.
     Prawns in Coconut Gravy 10


  1. Looks delish as usual Nitha!!

  2. Prawns with drumstick is lovely combo...looks creamy and delicious Nitha :)

  3. EE fresh prawns okke evidunna vaangane??
    Adipoli curry tto..Aaa color kandale ariyam nalla thakarpan taste anenne...

  4. thanks everyone..

    @ Suji: evde Chinese market il kittum fresh prawns. Avidem undaville asian stores ?

  5. oh god..i never noticed...u own this site huh..awesome work..Upnu

  6. So creamy n delicious..loving the color of the gravy :)

    US Masala

  7. I get the cooked shrimp...and I always hate it...either it gets overcooked or the shrimp taste so bland... Now I am on a hunt for easily accessible fresh prawns..fingers crossed..:)...
    The curry looks YUM Nitha..:)

  8. Very unique combo,and the gravy looks delicious & creamy...coconut milk & curry leaves gives such a nice flavour

  9. adipoli ayittundu ente adutha post same tanne anu ketto

  10. I am very much fond of prawns. Looks delicious and mouth watering. Lovely presentation.

  11. Mouthwatering curry...would lov to eat with puzhukkalari choru.yummmmmm

  12. love this dish...so creamy and flavourful. tum!

  13. Adipoli curry Nitha..I love that combo,grandmother idarundu drumstick..oru prethaka flavor aa currikku

  14. yummy addition of drum sticks to prawns

  15. Superb curry with prawns! Love it with rice and kappa curry..Aa last pic kandittu kothi sahikkan vayye :(