Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Parippu Vada (Masala vada)

This is AJ’s all time favorite. This is a crispy and crunchy tea time snack. Anyone can keep on munching this at any time of the day. In Kerala you can see this available in all chaaya kada / thattu kada (tea shops) and in every train. Every other week, during my travel from Kochi to Calicut and the way back, I never missed the parippu vada from the Shornur Station.

Paripuu Vada 5


         Toor dal                  --    ¾ cups
         Channa Dal            --    ½ cup
         Asafoetida             --    a pinch
        Green chillies         --   4 –5
        Onion                        --    ½ of a medium sized
        Ginger                      --   1 inch piece
        Curry leaves         --   1 spring
        Oil                              --    to fry
        Salt                            --    to taste

Preparation of Parippu Vada: 

         Soak both the dals together in water for two hours. Strain the water and pulse the dals in the mixer. It should be ground into a course mixture.

Paripuu Vada 1   Paripuu Vada 2  

          Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.

Paripuu Vada 3     Paripuu Vada 4

        Heat oil in a deep pan. Make small round shaped vadas and deep fry. Remove them from oil when brown and drain on a tissue paper. Serve hot.

Paripuu Vada 6


  1. Oh my Nitha..Shornur railway statonile parippu vada is heaven food. I used to chumma travel in shornur passenger to eat those yummy parippu vadas, enteyum fav anu tto ethu..

    Suji (Kairali sisters)

  2. Crispy n delicious parippu vadas..Enikku uzhunnu vadayekkaal eshtamannu parippu vada :)

    Pinne I used a 5 l cooker and that recipes makes about 6-8 servings..Ethra qns vennelum dhyryamayi chothicholu, Nitha :)

  3. Crispy vadas tempts me a lot..makes me hungry.

  4. love these on rainy days with hot tea. I dont have to make it as the corner food stall makes beautifully crunchy ones. yours looks mouth wateringly delicious.

  5. So true about the tea stalls, I guess it's common through out south India.
    The vadai are just perfect to go with the evening tea.

  6. Masala vada looks crispy n tasty

  7. Parippuvada adipoli...

  8. Lovely snack anytime :) Looks wonderful



  9. Wow my stomach grumbles seeing this vada.. MY very fav one.

  10. Adipoli parippu vada, chayayum koode unde ennal pinne enthu vennam.

  11. Crispy and tempting vada. Love them anytime. Thanks for all your lovely comments in my blog. Somehow I missed to visit your blog all these days. Now happily following you.

  12. I love making these (but I've been using only chana dal. Chana+toor looks like a nice variation--is it becuase of regional cuisine?--I learnt it from my friend from Hyderabad.) I love these vadas!!

  13. Thanks Nitha for dropping by , Parippu Vada enndeyum all time favorite annu

  14. loved ur blog title :D...glad to be here! delicious vada :) Ananda