Sunday, November 14, 2010

Idly Manjurian

Hello friends…  I know all of you wished me good luck for what I was looking for.  And Yes that happened. It was regarding a job opportunity. The long awaited one… Fortunately, I got through it and now I am at Portland, Oregon. 

I am happy that I am back to my career again. But I am now far away from AJ L Hopefully I ll be back with him very soon…

Now that I ll be a bit busy with my work and so I am not sure how frequent  I can visit all your wonderful posts. Also since we do not have much of cooking here, I am not sure how much I can try out your recipes. Fortunately, I have a few posts in my drafts and I shall keep updating my blog during weekends. I ll definitely try my level best to visit each and every post of all my friends too..

Now coming to the post for today – Idly manjurian. This is always a wonderful item with left  over idlys. I usually prepare a few more idlys for breakfast and prepare this for the evening tea. We love idlys in this form much more than for breakfast..

Idly Manjurian 2


            Idly                                 --   6 – 8 nos
            Onion                             --   1 small /  ½ of a medium one
            Ginger Garlic Paste  --   1 tsp
            Capsicum                     --   ½ of a medium one
            Tomato Sauce           --   2 tsp
            Soya sauce                  --   1 tsp
            Chilly Sauce                --   1 tsp
            Coriander leaves      --   ½ cup chopped
            Oil                                   --   2 tsp / for deep frying
            Salt                                --   as required

Preparation of Idly Manjurian:

              Cut the  idly into bite size pieces. Preferably keep the idly in the fridge before preparation. I usually use left over idlys. Deep fry the idly pieces. To avoid too much oil, I did grill it in the oven.

Idly Manjurian 3     Idly Manjurian 4

              Thinly slice the onions and chop the capsicum into small pieces. Heat oil in a pan and add the chopped onions and ginger garlic paste. Add salt and saute until the onions are translucent. Add the chopped capsicum and let it fry well.

Idly Manjurian 5    Idly Manjurian 6

               Now add the fried idly pieces. Add the sauces and let the masala and the sauces coat the idly pieces well. Add the chopped coriander leaves and mix well. Turn off fire.

Idly Manjurian 8

               Serve hot with tea or even well suited as a lunch box item.

Idly Manjurian 1


  1. Congrats Nitha..

    Idli manchurian sure looks yumm and baking idlis is new to me...

    Hope you have fun at Portland...

  2. Nitha,many many congratulations dear,I have not know you long but it really makes me happy to know that you got yourself a job and your career is back on track:) The manchurain idli is lip smackingly delicious. It instantly reminded me of schezwan Idli's I had tired at ," shivsagar" Mumbai...Gosh I have a weakness for this scrummy dish. Good luck to you with everything and do keep visting us on our blogs:)

  3. Congrats Nitha..Portland okke eshtapetto? Idly manchurian superb aayittundu ketto..Great idea!! Urappayum try cheyyam..

  4. First time came across this recipe..interesting and lovely detailed post :)


  5. Droolworthy manchurian, very tempting..

  6. Dear Nitha
    Thats a great dish ..I must try. If I use dip frying, may be I will dust the pieces slightly with corn flour..may ve I will get less oil absorbed, not sure..
    Have a nice week

  7. Woww.. sounds interesting.. thanks for the recipe dear !!

  8. Congrats Nitha, wish you all success dear..
    Idly Manchurian looks so delicious and healthy version..will try this.

  9. Idly manjurian looks delicious. Congrats on your job.

  10. Good luck with the job...
    this looks so delicious..

  11. Congrats and good luck with your new job..idli manchurian looks adipoli...

  12. Love the idli manchurian,so colourful

  13. My sis makes this very often...used to love it this look brilliant!

  14. hi nitha,

    congrats on your new job in portland. wish u good luck. btw, welcome to Portland. and your idly manchurian looks delicious:)

  15. Hugs and congratulations !! Hope you both will be together soon :-)
    Idly manjurian is innovative and looks fabulous

  16. Congrats Nitha.Apo busy ayi alle?idli manchurian adipli ayitundu.

  17. Hey congratulations Nitha,great news.Yeah,,,do try to post your recipes, I will be looking frwd to them.And this Idly manchurian is so nice.I will try this next time i have soem left overs.
    Cheers and happy cooking,

  18. hey nice idea to grill idli pieces! looks delicious.

  19. Lovely twist to our yummy idlis.
    Nitha, I am sharing the Versatile Blogger Award with you...please collect it from:

  20. Congratulations!!!
    And the idly manjurian looks so tempting!

  21. I don't have ur mail id can u send it id is

  22. wat an idea dear.....looks temptind and fab.

  23. Congratz on Ur new job Nitha!

    WOW, Idli Manchurian...seriously something new! Never seen or heard this style before! Truly yummy looking ;)

  24. Congrats Nitha..
    this dish is my absolute fav..your pics are really tempting!

    US Masala

  25. Congrats and good luck with ur job..idly manchuraina superb aayittunduttooo.

  26. congrats Nitha.....Wishing U all the Best..
    Idly Manjurian looks great...

  27. idly machurian sounds awesome, spicy and inviting.

  28. wowww.. too innovative,,..looks like paneer manchurian.. this is the best way to use left over iddlis...

  29. This looks new and tempting!

  30. thanks for ur visit , really so inviting dish.

  31. love eating manchurian and idly this is perfect looks yummy


  33. nithu there is an award for you...just tosay thx for all ur support.

  34. Hello Nitha...sukham thanne? work okke ishtayo?

  35. never heard of such a thing b'fore.. very innovative. looks quite delicious.. nice blog, love it!

  36. Wow!!! its really innovative... first time seeing the idly manchurian... looks delicious... want to try this... thanks for sharing