Thursday, April 22, 2010

Uzhunnu Vada

Uzhunnu vada is my hubby's all time favorite dish. He likes to have it in any form like sambar vada, dahi vada or simply with the chutney. I tried it out once and though it did not give me a smooth shape, it came out good.


Urad dal                            --   2 cups
Green chillies                   --   4 -5
Onion                                --    ½ of a medium sized
Ginger                              --    1 inch piece
Curry leaves                    --    1 branch
Whole pepper                  --    15 - 20
Baking soda                     --    ½ tsp (optional)
Oil                                     --    to fry
Salt                                   --    to taste
Preparation of the Vada:

Soak the Urad dal in water for 5 -6 hours. Drain it and grind it without adding water. Add water in a tsp if the mixer feels it too hard to grind.

Chop the onion, green chillies, ginger and curry leaves into small pieces.

Mix them with the ground urad dal. Add salt. Thoroughly beat the mix with you hand so that it is very well aerated and become fluffy. Drop a small piece of the dough in a cup of water and the piece should float on water. This will help the vada to be very soft.

Wet your hands, make a ball with the dough and make a hole in the center. Drop them into hot oil and deep fry until they are golden brown.

Serve it with chutney or sambar.

Recipe Courtesy: Vahrehvah