Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cabbage & Carrot Thoran / Stir fry

Carrot n Cabbage Thoran 3

Ingredients: (Serves 4 - 6)

Carrot                          --   1 small
Cabbage                      --   ¼ of a small cabbage
Green chillies           --   3 - 4
Shallots                       --   2
Shredded coconut  --   ½ cup
Turmeric powder    --   ¼ tsp
Curry leaves              --   1 sprig
Mustard seeds          --   1 tsp
Urad dal                      --   1 tsp
Red chillies                --   1
Salt                                --   as required
Oil                                  --   as required.


Grate the carrot in the medium size of the grater. Chop the cabbage into thin slices. Chop the shallots and slit the green chillies. In a big bowl, add the grated carrots, chopped cabbage,shallots,green chillies, curry leaves,turmeric powder, shredded coconut and salt. Mix well, preferably with your hand.

Carrot n Cabbage Thoran 1

Heat oil in a pan. Add the mustard seeds and let it splutter. Add the urad dal and the red chillies and saute for a minute. Add the above mixture, close and cook on a low flame. Make sure to saute every 2 -3 minutes to avoid burning at the bottom. Cook until done. It should not take more than 15 minutes. Serve with rice.

Carrot n Cabbage Thoran 2

Instead of the combination of carrot & cabbage you can also prepare it with just one of those. I usually do the combo when I have both left over.

Recipe Courtesy: Amma


  1. this looks wonderful deliciously done

  2. This is a staple in every house hold in kerala. I always love this combo from childhood days.
    Looks yumm...moms recipes are the it dear..nice clicks

  3. Just love this combo in stir fry..beautifully done.

  4. so easy and so delicious... lovely..