Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mixed Fruit Jam

Mixed Fruit Jam 11

Ingredients (Yields around 2 kg):

Apple                 --   2
Grapes               --   60 nos
Pineapple         --   ½ of a medium size one
Banana               --   2
Orange               --   1
Sugar                  --   approximately 1.5 kg
Cloves                --   4
Beetroot juice --   2 tsp, extracted from ½ of a small one
Citric acid / lemon juice -- 1 tsp

Mixed Fruit Jam 9
Preparation of the Jam:

The above ingredients includes the fruits which I preferred and had handy. You can use any fruits which you like.

Prepare all the equipment --> jars, pan, spoons, cutting board,knife, mixer etc. Wash them and let them dry completely.

Water is the major enemy here. If kept away from water, the jam do not need any specific preservatives added.

Wash the apples and grapes and let them dry. I did wipe each grape to make sure that there is no drop of water.Peel and chop all the fruits.

Pineapple needs some special attention. Cook the chopped pineapple and let it cool.

In the dry mixer, grind all the fruits. Sieve the pulp into a big bowl.Weigh the mix. You need equal amount of sugar as much as the fruit pulp. For the above measurement of fruits, I had to use 1.3kg of sugar.It depends upon the size and number of the fruits and hence its always a good idea to weigh them.

Mixed Fruit Jam 0

Extract the beetroot juice and add the citric acid to it. Keep it aside.

Keep the glass jars ready to pour in the jam. It is better to keep the jars on a wooden plank / cutting board. This helps to prevent the possibility of breaking the glass jars, when pouring the hot jam.

Add the sugar and the fruit pulp into a heavy bottomed pan. Add the cloves to the mix and cook. Keep stirring continuously and make sure that it doesn't stick on to the bottom of the pan. When the jam is almost 90% cooked, add the beetroot juice mix. This gives the lovely colour to the jam.

Mixed Fruit Jam 7     Mixed Fruit Jam 8

To check the readiness of the jam: Take some water in a small bowl. Add a drop of the jam into the water. If the jam dissolves in water, it is not yet ready. If it sinks to the bottom of the bowl and stays down,the jam is ready.

When the jam is ready, immediately switch off the flame and pour into the prepared bottles. I always prefer my jam to be a bit loose than thick, so it is easy to spread.

Do not close the jam bottles until they are completely cool. Once cooled, refrigerate it for a better life.

Mixed Fruit Jam 10

Recipe Courtesy: Amma


  1. that is such a healthy jam... how long would it stay??? looks really yumm...

    1. It would stay for a year and more. Keep refrigerated and no water during preparation are the key factors though..

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  3. Love to make jams at home,beautiful mixed fruit jam Nitha.

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