Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mutta Marichathu (Egg-Plantain cake)

This is an easy and delicious dish from the Malabar area, North of Kerala. I’ve had this from my friends’ and neighbor's place, usually during the Ramadan days.

This is a very easy one to prepare, especially when you have unexpected guests.  A good combination with evening tea….

Kids will love this and this special cake with high protein is an easy one for the parents too.

Mutta Marichathu 10



       Ripe plantains          --   2 medium
       Extra large eggs      --   6 large
       Sugar                            --  12 tbsp
       Cardamom                 --  4-5 crushed
       Ghee                              --  1 tbsp
       Cashew nuts             --   10-12 crushed

Mutta Marichathu 8


Cut the plantain lengthwise into four pieces. Slice the pieces into medium thin slices.

Heat a saucepan,add ghee and plantains and saute on medium heat until the plantains get cooked and turn slightly golden in colour. Keep aside. Fry the broken cashews and keep aside.

Mutta Marichathu 1    Mutta Marichathu 2

Meanwhile in another dish, break eggs, add sugar and cardamom powder to it and beat lightly for a couple of minutes.

Mutta Marichathu 3      Mutta Marichathu 4

Add the cooked plantains and fried cashews in the egg and sugar mixture and stir well until uniformly distributed. Pour it back to the same pan.

Cover and Cook it over very low flame until the top part is set.It should take 10-20 minutes depending on the saucepan used.

Carefully transfer this to a plate and cut into small squares and serve with tea.

Mutta Marichathu 9


  1. Hmmm, this looks so yummy. I just feel like tasting this.

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  3. The cake looks super delicious!!! Loved the top part!!! :D

  4. Wow delicious cake, looks soo tempting.

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  6. Kollamallo. adhyam njann onnu njetti :-O mutta amrichenno? I have heard about this a lot never had though..looks like an easy one lle...

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  9. yummilicious...wish I could grab that piece :-)

  10. Thanks for posting this recipe. I am from Kozhikode and I have eaten this there. I made this today and it came out yummy.