Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Milk Pudding


I did not get any pictures of this yummy dessert, however wanted to save the recipe as this included a bunch of mix and match on the ingredients and quantity.

This is a variation of the Snow white pudding, but since it is hard to find agar agar here, I had to test and try my luck with the gelatin proportions.
Ingredients (Serves 8-10) :
Milk                                                  --    2 cups
Condensed milk                             --    1 tin
Heavy Whipping cream                --    1 cup
Sugar                                               --   If needed
Cold Milk                                         --    1 cup
Gelatin                                --    2.5 tbsp / 7 tsp
Vanilla Essence                              --   ½ tsp
Crushed Pineapple                      --   1 cup. You can use any fruit as per your wish and the quantity depends on the size of the tray you use.
Almonds/Cashews                         --   ½ cup
Sugar                                                 --  ½ cup
Butter                                                --   1 tbsp  + 1 tsp
Preparation of milk pudding:

Base of the pudding:

Chop the pineapple into small pieces and cook them in 2 tbsp of water. If using canned pineapple cook them in the water in the can. I used fresh fruit. You can also add sugar as needed. But make sure the pineapple is not caramelized.  

Set the pudding pan by spreading 1 tsp of butter. Once the pineapple is cooled, spread this in the pan. This is the base of our pudding.  

You can view the step by step pics here - Snow white pudding

Crunchy Topping:

Prepare a pan or plate lined with parchment paper, to pour in the hot caramelized nuts.  

Add the sugar into a heavy bottomed pan and let it caramelize. Once it turns into a light brown colour, add the butter and stir in well until completely melted. Meanwhile, it will turn a little darker. Switch off the flame. Add in the chopped nuts and stir well.  

Pour the mixture onto the prepared pan and spread. Let it cool. Once it is completely cool, using a rolling pin, crack/powder them into crunchy bites. You may also pulse small pieces in the blender.

Store in an air tight container. This can also be made well in advance. I have saved this for more than a month.  

Milk pudding:

Mix the gelatin in the cold milk and mix well. Keep aside and let it bloom for about 5 - 10 mins.  

Mix milk, whipping cream, condensed milk, vanilla essence and sugar (if needed, depending upon the sweetness required after adding the condensed milk)  

Heat it on medium-low heat until it is really hot and about to boil. Let it not boil or simmer  

Add the gelatin milk mixture at this point and stir well.  

Pour the mix into the pudding pan. Let it cool completely.  

Refrigerate for 6-8 hours or overnight. Sprinkle the topping on the pudding before serving.  


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